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I've owned Dobermans since 1999 and have been "seriously" involved with the breed since the early 2000's.  I am a member of the United Doberman Club, the Tri-State Doberman Club and the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club.  I am a founding member and the current president of the Working Doberman Pinscher Club of NYC.  You can learn more about my dogs and their acheivements by browsing the website.  If you wish to learn more about me and read my personal story in greater detail, click here.

The bond I have developed with each of the very special Dobermans I have shared my life with has helped shape me into the person I am today.  My Dobermans have provided me with comfort in times of sorrow, with stability in moments of chaos, and even protection in times of danger.  They make me laugh when I'm depressed and find ways to piss me off when I am happy!  I owe each of my Dobermans a greater debt of gratitude for their unconditional love and companionship than I could ever repay.  It is my sincere hope that the Dobermans born in my home can provide their families with the same joy, love, companionship and securtiy that I have been blessed with. 

Of course, there are certain technical things I wish to achieve in my breeding program.  There are certain attributes I want to improve upon and foster over the generations.  If learning about that sort of thing interests you, you can read more about it here

I do compete in dogsport with my Dobermans from time to time.  I consider training and trialing an opportunity for me and my dog to share new experiences together and to further develop our relationship.  My number one goal is to have fun with my dogs and to strengthen and deepen the bond we share.  I'm not interested in proving to other humans that I am good at dog training, and I don't need trial success in order to prove to anyone how great my dogs are.  I already know they're great from the many hours we've spent working together.  With that said, I have a very clear vision regarding what attributes a working dog must possess in order to be great.  The training process is of critical importance in evaluating character and temperament; a necessity when breeding working dogs.   

You can learn more about my training methodology and philosophy here.  There are also several articles pertaining to dog training available on my blog.

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