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Livonija Baronesa

Costa Brava,


Health Results

  • Oct. 06, 2015 -  

  • vWD clear

  • PDK4 negative

  • DM clear

  • dilute free (BbDD)

Brava is a playful, energetic bitch, though her attitude can be pushy and assertive.  She is spirited and bossy.  Brava knows how to keep "her boys" in line, but prefers to rule over her subjects with playful benevolence.  However, if pushed, Brava is definitely willing to push back!  Her fiery attitude is one of her most endearing qualities.  As a working dog, Brava is highly motivated and doesn't back away from conflict.  She is comfortable in the environment, sound sure and an excellent retriever.

Brava will make her competitive debut in the summer of 2017.

"Bravissima", or "Costa Neeps" - as Brava is known around the house, is an elegant, feminine bitch in possession of an excellent head piece, with beautiful dark eyes and a spirited attitude.  As is typical of her bloodline, Brava has a deep chest, a prominent forechest and excellent return of upper arm.

Total Doberman
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