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Breeding Goals

Breeding the world's top working Doberman Pinschers
Livonija Baron Pomepy, Champion Class winner 2016 UDC National

To help reestablish the heritage of the Doberman Pinscher as a functional working dog.  To maintain, preserve, protect and above all to improve upon the mental characteristics necessary for the Doberman to be an exceptional guardian and protector.   


To breed not one great dog per litter, but many great dogs per litter.  To establish a line of exceptional quality. 


To combine the best physical features of the AKC / FCI gene pools: 

  • The substance and power of the European Doberman.  The stronger, more powerful heads (the underjaw, the fill).  The better upper arms and correctly placed front assemblies.  The more moderate hind angulations. 

  • The elegance and nobility of the American Doberman. The more typical head structure (the stop, the head planes and length). The dryness.  The tuckup.  The well laid-back shoulders and soundness of joints. 


To breed Dobermans that possess all of the necessary mental characteristics to be superior working dogs. Courageous, nerve-strong, high drive  dogs that are secure in the environment and insensitive to sound.  Dobermans that are intelligent, social and biddable!

To above all breed a Doberman who is functional.  A medium sized, compact, powerful, balanced dog who is absolutely fearless in the face of adversity.  


To breed a working Doberman that is beautiful in function and appearance: The Total Doberman!   

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