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Livonija Baron Pompey,


"Pompuschk", or "Borschk" - as Pompey is known around the house, is a masculine, powerfully built male endowed with thick, round bone and plenty of substance.  He is a balanced, square dog, in possession of a lovely front assembly, with nice return of the upper arm, deep chest and prominent forechest.     

Pompuschk is a social dog, with an open and playful character. He is reliable in all situations; comfortable around other dogs, and never feels challenged by the presence of other males. As a working dog, he has medium drive, good nerve and is confident in the environment.   He is a natural retriever.


Pompey is the 2015 DPCA Regional Obedience Specialty High in Trial winner, and the 2015 UDC National Reserve Winners dog. Pompey went back to back "High in Trial" at the UDC National Obedience Trial in 2016.   

Pompuschk died suddenly of suspected DCM on February 8, 2019.  He is greatly missed.  

Health Results

  • Aug. 12, 2011 -  Feb. 8, 2019

  • holter normal (03/2015)

  • echo normal (03/2015)

  • vWD clear

  • PDK4 neg

  • DM clear

  • OFA good

  • CERF Normal

  • Thyroid Normal  

  • 28"/105 lbs.

  • dilute free (BbDD)

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