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Livonija Baron

Nil Nisi Bene

Livonija Baron Nil Nisi Bene, "Nothing but Good" aka "Never".

Never was named as a not-so-subtle reminder, that no matter how hard or challenging the situation, no matter the obstacle, to never quit. 

Great things require great sacrifice. 

Never's pedigree can be considered an outcross.  His dam, Fiji, is linebred on the Livonija P-Litter 2-3, through the sisters Pia and Prima (who were Pompey's littermates).  His sire, Yanick, is distantly linebred on Nitro del Rio Bianco.  In the mid 2000's Nitro was a sire of great significance, and perhaps his most beautiful offspring were from the Livonija H-Liter. So in Never's pedigree we have no common ancestors within the first five generations but find concentrated genetic contributions from extraordinary males like Nitro del Rio Bianco through the sire and Oksamit de Grande Vinko through the dam.         

Health Results

  • March 19, 2023 -  

  • vWD clear 

  • PDK4 heterozygous

  • DCM2 clear 

  • DM clear

  • dilute free (BbDD)

  • Embark results available on request 

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